station VIENNA

Station INFOSCREEN has drastically changed the face of public transport in Vienna. Millions of viewers at the eleven busiest underground stations have had their waiting times reduced thanks to the information and entertainment from the 48 INFOSCREENs currently in operation. The elaborately produced programme is displayed on an approximately 6 m2 screen – in razor-sharp, brilliant definition and a contemporary 16:9 format. The programme designed by INFOSCREEN is based on the principles of cognitive psychology and semiotics. With optimal readability and comprehensibility, a balance between text and graphics, and targeted vision guidance, INFOSCREEN’s design meets internationally accepted criteria.


January 2012 saw INFOSCREEN go live on high-frequency ULFs (ultra low-floor trams) for the first time. By the end of the first year, 100 screens had been installed and in 2016, the city channel was expanded to 505 INFOSCREENs on the ULF network. Passengers can keep up to date with world news, politics, culture, sport, weather and events through the five monitors with brilliant definition and a razor-sharp picture on board each tram. The diverse INFOSCREEN programme is supplemented by integrated passenger information about interchanges, intermediate stops and possible delays.


Bus INFOSCREEN makes time fly as quickly on the bus as it does on a plane. Because viewers can expect a programme with service updates and information on connections at the next stop, on top of the news headlines of the day. The programme is streamed live from INFOSCREEN HQ and updated in real time on the INFOSCREENs with brilliant definition on board the vehicles. This means viewer attention and advertiser success are guaranteed!