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The programme mix from INFOSCREEN has been entertaining passengers on board the busiest buses and 56 Cityrunners (the state-of-the-art low-floor trams operated by Linz Linien) since 2009. When it comes to putting the programme together, INFOSCREEN as always has a regional focus – in the form of upcoming local events, news or the daily weather forecast.


Infotainment on all routes

INFOSCREEN can be found on 162 screens on board 88 buses, with a tried and tested programme mix of news, culture, sport, weather and upcoming events. By 2015, there will be blanket coverage across the entire Linz Linien network. The INFOSCREEN programme broadcasts to a total of 498 screens in Linz.


206,184 viewers each day

With 96 million passengers annually, Linz Linen operates one of the busiest public transport networks in Austria. By 2015, all trams and buses will be streaming the INFOSCREEN programme, with the city channel informing and entertaining more than 206,184 passengers in Linz every day.