train CAT

The City Airport Train (CAT) takes passengers from Wien Mitte station to Vienna International Airport in just 16 minutes. That’s just enough time to get the latest news and information with INFOSCREEN. State-of-the-art 17″ thin-film-transistor INFOSCREENs offer a programme tailored to the direction of travel (to and from the airport), providing relevant content for passengers arriving and departing.

As both programmes are displayed in German and English, they benefit from the total attention of passengers, almost half of whom incidentally are business travellers. Adverts on train INFOSCREEN on the CAT pack an extra punch for this lucrative target group in particular, one which is becoming more and more difficult to get through to.


CAT programme towards the airport

Tailored to passengers departing from Vienna, this focus here is on:

  • Travel and city tips
  • World weather
  • Information on
Vienna International Airport


CAT programme towards Vienna

Passengers arriving into Vienna are primarily interested in:

  • Weather in Vienna
  • Sights and attractions
  • Cultural events
  • Transport links